Our tournament will offer two divisions and will cap the total number of teams enrolled in the entire tournament to 40.   Players must be 18 yrs old+.  You’ll get at least 3 games in (more if you win).

The Divisions

ALL-STAR DIVISION: Okay, your college coaches thought you were pretty good and you want to have fun on a pond hockey tournament. This is the division for you. Players will likely have A or B League experience. Capped at 10 teams. $500 prize for the winning team!  Be competitive, but focus on keeping it fun.

COULDA-BEEN-A-STAR DIVISION: Yep, you enjoy throwing on the skates now and then, but who really wants to put in the time to be one of the greats? Players will have experience less than the ALL STAR DIVISION, including those who may have discovered hockey later in life. This is a less competitive division, focused on having lots of laughs. $500 prize for the winning team!

*Adirondack Pond Hockey reserves the right to consolidate divisions based on registration numbers as well as move teams to more suitable divisions if necessary.

*subject to change