Adirondack Pond Hockey Official Rules

Yep, we have rules.  In a nutshell, we’re a well-run tournament and we want you to have fun, but don’t get too nuts on the ice.

Please read and share with your team prior to arriving at the tournament.

  • All Games played 4 on 4
  • Players must be 18+
  • Maximum number of players on a roster is 8.  The team Fee includes 6 players, but 2 more can be added ($95 per player).
  • Games are 30 minutes long consisting of two 15-minute halves with a 2-minute break between halves. 
  • Games start at the top of the hour, as noted in the tournament bracket.
  • Teams who do not show up for the tournament or are late for the start of their game, forfeit and are disqualified and will not be refunded any portion of the fee
  • In the event of bad weather, no games are rescheduled
  • Each team is guaranteed three games
  • Divisions will be divided by skill level provided by the team captain at registration. The Adirondack Pond Hockey Tournament reserves the right to consolidate divisions based on registration numbers as well as move teams to more suitable divisions if necessary.
  • Teams receive: Win = 3 points, loss = 1 point, tie = 2 points each, forfeit = 0 points… then if there is a tie for who advances it would be whoever scored the most, not least, goals is who moves on. If that is a tie then a coin flip.
  • Championship games that end in a tie will be decided by a 5-minute run time overtime period. The team that scores the most goals during that time will be the winner. If still tied, 5 minute run time periods will continue, where the team that scores the most goals during period wins; until a winner is determined with one-minute breaks in between each period.
  • All players must sign a release
  • Captain’s coin toss will determine which goal teams defend. Teams switch after the half.
  • All players are required to wear HEC approved helmets and proper hockey skates. Optional equipment is recommended but not required.
  • No goalie equipment or goalie sticks allowed. No player can serve as the designated goalie. Each player is required to play the entire surface of the ice.
  • Players are required to have matching light and dark jerseys
  • There is no fighting, no checking, no slap shots – you will be ejected.
  • Players shall not fall or lay on the ice to block goals. Violations will result in a minor penalty.
  • Lifting the puck above knee level is prohibited. Violations result in loss of possession of the puck
  • If the puck goes out of bounds, last team to touch loses possession. During restart, players defending team must give opponent at least two stick lengths space.
  • All goals must be scored from the offensive side of the ice.
  • No offside or icing calls
  • All games are played running time. Substitutions are made on the fly.
  • Players can only play for one team
  • Prior to every game, each player will designate two players to scrape the rink before each game.
  • Substitutions must be made by 8:30 a.m. on the first day of tournament play at Player Check-in in the warming house tent. No other substitutions throughout the tournament are allowed. The players that are on your roster at 8:30 a.m. on the first day of tournament play must be the same players that play on your team throughout the tournament.
  • It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure the correct game score has been logged on the score sheet. By signing the score sheet at the conclusion of the game, your team captain is acknowledging that they agree with the final score. Teams cannot contest scores/results after they have signed the score sheet.
  • Pond Hockey team names must not be offensive to any particular group or individual. While we encourage and enjoy creativity, we will not accept team names that may be sexually suggestive, discriminatory or harassing in any way.  Adirondack Pond Hockey will review all team names, and reserves the right to reject your team name, or in Adirondack Pond Hockey’s sole discretion to modify any team name deemed offensive by either abbreviating or shortening a team name.

Minor Penalties

  • Hooking, holding, tripping, interference result in a goal allowed for the offended team. The offended team also receives possession of the puck.
  • Players cannot fall or lay on the ice in an effort to protect the goal area.

Major Penalties

  • Physical nature, elbows, high sticking, etc.; will result in a goal allowed for the offended team. The player that caused penalty is ejected for the remainder of the game and his team will play shorthanded (3 players) for the remainder of the half.
  • Abuse of on-ice officials will result in a major penatly.

Consolidate Divisions policy

  • Adirondack Pond Hockey reserves the right to consolidate divisions based on registration numbers as well as move teams to more suitable divisions if necessary.

Alternate Date is Feb 22-23rd.
The chances that the tournament will happen are high because we have a backup alternate date several weeks later. We would only use the alternate date if the ice conditions 15 days prior to the start were predicted to be unsuitable for the tournament. The included Adirondack Thunder ticket would instead be valid for their 2/21 home game.

Team Dropout Policy
Teams removing themselves from the tournament by Jan 1 will be refunded 100% of their fees. If the alternate tournament date (see above) is used, then teams removing themselves by Jan 22 will be refunded 100% of their fees. After those deadlines, no refunds will be available for teams removing themselves from the tournament. The weather cancellation policy is noted below, and refunds 100% of the team fees.

Weather cancellation policy (100% Refund Policy)
In the extremely unlikely instance where 15 days prior to the tournament the alternate date’s (see above) ice conditions were also predicted to be unsuitable for the tournament, we’ll refund every team 100% of your team funds. Refunds would be issued within 30 days following the alternate date.
By entering, you acknowledge that you will be playing on an outdoor ice surface and ice conditions are at the mercy of Mother Nature. We’ll do our best to surface the ice for you, but Mother Nature has a strong say in this

*subject to change